If you have ever dreamt about skiing while overlooking the ocean, this is the chance to make your dream come true. We travel deep in the snow covered region of northern Norway for a 6 days (7 nights) escape. The itinerary includes skiing in a giant playground with powder snow and majestic views of the fjords and islands of the Lyngen Alps. We will cruise the fjords on a 45-55 feet sailing boat looking at some astonishing couloirs and mountain faces anxiously waiting to wear our skis onto the snowy seashore and begin the ascent. We will end the day sipping an hot tea, while overlooking the charming landscapes on the deck and admiring the sun which never sets.


Arrival in Tromsø

Meeting point is Tromsø marina. Check-in after 16:00.
Accommodation and organization of the boat for the week.

Course to Lyngen

After a couple of hours of sailing exiting Tromsø’s fjord we will make a stop to have the first contact with the Norwegian powder. When approaching the coast we will look at different lines choosing the one which will inspire us the most among the following peaks: Stortinden (824m.), Nordfjellet (1000m.), Istinden (952m.) or Rema 1000 (1000m.).
We will then sail again. At the end of the fjord the landscape changes: the sea opens up showing the Lyngen range on the background. The sunset will color the mountains in orange making our arrival in Lyngen momorable. We will finally reach the Lyngen peninsula by dinner and anchor the boat in the Sørlenangen fjord.


The ascension of the Veldalstindan (1288m) will be our first approach to the big Lyngen mountains. On the way down we will be skiing overlooking our tiny boat anchored in the fjord waiting for us.
The cozy Ørbukta fisherman’s harbor will be our mooring for the night.

Uløya Island

In the morning we will sail around the northern cape of Lyngen moving than south again to the island of Uløya. Today’s goal will be to ski Kjelvagtinden (1104m.). The ascension path trough the pine forest of Uløya is very suggestive and the descent facing the Lyngen west coast is just priceless. We will than spend the night there, probably fishing some fresh cod to cook for dinner.

Lyngen West coast

From Uløya the whole west coast of Lyngen will be right in front of us.
According to snow conditions and technical level of the group it will be possible to choose among many peaks, couloirs and glaciers to ascend and ski (some lines may be skied in “boucle”). After skiing we will transfer to the little fisherman’s harbor of Djupvik.
Upon reservation it will be possible to relax in a typical Norwegian sauna prior to dinner.
(Sauna is an extra service and it will have to be payed on place).


Starting with a morning sailing to cross the fjord, we will moor the boat at the base of the valley descending from the Strupbreen glacier. The ascension of the Tafeltinden (1395m.) will allow us to experience the real heart of the Lyngen Alps crossing wide glaciers and being surrounded by the highest peaks of the massif. The long ski down is super fun and the wide spaces always allow us to find the coolest way dow and the best snow.


There couldn’t be a better end of the week than climbing up the Storgalten (1219m.). Located on the northern point of the Lyngen Alps, the view from the is amazing looking down at the sea on all 3 sides: East, North and West. Facing South, the view will open on all the picks of the Lyngen peninsula and you will be able to recognize the ones the you have already skied during the week. Sailing back to Trømso and arrival to the harbor of departure by 18:00.


Disembark in the morning before 9.00 a.m.


Minimum number of 5 participant is required.

The daily program can be unquestionably changed due to safety reasons by the skipper.

On land the Mountain Guide will lead the tours and make the decisions to guarantee the safety of the group.

Day tours are not mandatory. Each member of the crew is free to decide at which one to take part.

Life on board:

If this is your first time on a sailing boat and you don’t know what to expect, here is a brief summary of the most important things and rules you should know:

  • - On board we are a crew so cooperation and respect among crew members is important.
  • - Everyone is responsible to clean up after themselves.
  • - Team work: someone will cook, someone will cut the grocery, someone will wash the dishes…
  • - Out in the sea you may be asked to use water and electricity with moderation.
  • - WARNING: Boat life creates addiction and friendships started on a cruise may last forever!!


The crew will be composed by the Skipper, the Mountain Guide and 5/9 guests.

Skills and level requested:

Good physical shape and mastery of the ski touring technique and gear.

The Mountain Guide will be there to supervise the climbing and to help all the climbers to improve their skills. No matter what your climbing level is, the tips of a professional guide will always be a precious gift to bring back home at the end of the tour.

Gear requested:

  • Complete personal ski touring gear.
  • Complete avalanche safety gear: avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel.
  • (we also recommend the use of a avalanche inflatable backpack ABS)
  • Sleeping bag (blankets will be found onboard).

Rigid suitcases are forbidden!
Please use a suitcase that can be easily folded and stored once empty. It is important to save space onboard.


Double size bed or bunk bed. Accommodation will be sorted and arranged by and among guests.

The trip amount includes:

  • - The skipper and accommodation on a sailing boat.
  • - The Mountain Guide (U.I.A.G.M. certified).
  • - The pantry (food and beverages).
  • - Boat fuel.
  • - Harbor fees.
  • - Final cleaning.

The trip amount does not include:

  • - Travel expenses to reach/leave the harbor of departure.
  • - Deposit fee of 300 euro (cash) per person as a guarantee fund which will be collected by the skipper when boarding and which will be returned at the end of the trip if no damages had been made.
  • - Meals on land.
  • - Alcoholic beverages on board.