Vertical Sailing Tour
Amalfi Coast

Sailing and climbing on the coast of ”LA DOLCE VITA”.

The Amalfi Coast starts just south of Naples and it runs for 50km through one of the most spectacular stretches of coast in the world. High mountains with pine trees forests drop vertically into the emerald waters of the Mediterranean sea. Rocky cliffs, caves and natural arches surround the villages. Thousands of steps carved in the rock connect the hamlets among them through paths immersed in flowers and lemon trees. Each tiny crossroad leads to a place to discover: ancient castles, ruins, cemeteries and churches. Olive groves provide the shade while vineyards and orchards give a touch of color to the fairy-tale setting.

By the seaside ancient villages follow one another sharing the little patches of land available. Even three of them are part of “I borghi più belli d’Italia”, a selection of the most beautiful and unique hamlets of the country. Very surprising for such a tiny stretch of coast! With Capri Island and the mediterranean sea in the background, we will sail and moor our boat to many of them: Vietri, Cetara, Erchie, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Atrani, Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Positano, Capri Island...

Amalfi is the village that gives the name to the coast. Between the years 830 and 1.131’s Amalfi was in fact a maritime republic and its richness and wealth contributed in the growth of the nearby villages. As evidence of its great past, we can still admire the magnificent cathedral dominating the central square. Here, more than in any other destination, we can experience the place in its entirety, ranging from art to nature and from history to cuisine: entering Amalfi from the sea, climbing among the ruins of an ancient castle, visiting the astonishing cathedral and delight our selfs in one of the best Bakeries in the world (Bakery since 1830).

Farther west, Positano is probably the most scenographic village ever. A postcard in real life! Mostly famous for being a VIP destination, it is certainly underestimated for its outdoors potential. Being surrounded by an enormous amount off rock, is the heart of rock climbing in the area. Zigzagging through the yachts in the bay, we will disembark with our dingy on Positano’s beach. From there a lovely hike through Positano’s alleys, perhaps interrupted to enjoy the real Italian espresso or a fresh lemon “gelato”, will lead us to beautiful limestone crags suspended on the mountain. Once on the wall, things will get very fun with holes, jugs and tufas of every size, while the sensation of hanging above the Amalfi Coast will make the climbing memorable.

The highlight of the week will be to rock climb directly from the sea! On our way to Capri Island, the crag of Punta Campanella will be perfect to approach this climbing style, having many climbing routes of all levels as well as some stunning multi-pitch climbs starting right from the sea. We will practice here how to disembark from the dingy and begin the climb from where the waves crash. On the next day we will sail to Capri Island and, thanks to the experience gained, we will aim to the highlight of the tour: to rock-climb on Capri’s famous sea stacks!

Amalfi Coast Photo Gallery