Vertical Sailing Tour

Sardinia is where nature expresses itself in all its forms.

Sardinia’s biggest attraction is definitely the sea side having the most beautiful sandy beaches, the finest water colors and the most stunning marine landscapes. High mountains drop straight into the sea forming deep valleys and canyons. Enormous caves and natural arches interrupt the verticality of the cliffs and quiet sandy bays allow sailors to approach the coast.
A real playground for climbers and trekkers wiling to discover the wild side of Sardinia.

Rock climbing on the island has grown enormously and no doubt Sardinia is among the best rock climbing destinations in Europe. Here you can climb on pure granite as well as on perfect limestone. Than you will move on and you will find conglomerate and even basalt…on a single island! All of the climbing styles are also present so there will be bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing and multi-pitch climbing. Think that there are two guide books: one for sport climbing and one for multi-pitch climbing.

By sailing we will have direct access to some of the most beautifully and famous crags on the Island while enjoying the beauty of the boat life. We will sail from one crag to the other, explore hidden bays, fish our meals, swim in between the climbs and admire the landscape from a privileged point of view. In some areas we will even be able to start the climb right from the boat and every overhanging cliff will be good for testing our deep water solo skills.

All of this natural beauty is enriched by a thousand years old colture: ancient songs, crazy languages, weird buildings, sublime seafood and bush food.
Leave at home everything you knew about Europe, Italy or the Mediterranean. Come with us to explore a world on his own, where everything is different, where everything looks, tastes, sails and climbs better.

Our Sardinia's Tours are:

Cala Gonone

It is our most popular tour aimed to explore the area where rock climbing first developed 50 years ago. We will first sail to the Tavolara Island where we will climb the breathtaking via ferrata “Ferrata deli Angeli”. Sailing south we will reach Cala Gonone where we will focus on climbing some of the most iconic climbs in Sardinia like the Guglia of Cala Goloritze, the overhanging tufas of Millennium Cave, the multi pitch climbs of Pedra Longa and the beach crags of Cala di Luna and Cala Fuili.

Maddalena Archipelago and Bonifacio

We will be sailing in the UNESCO World Heritage of Maddalena Archipelago and Bocche di Bonifacio dropping the anchor on the most beautiful islands. Creeks and bays with emerald blu water will be our home for the week. We will explore all the most suggestive corners of the archipelago like the pink beach on Budelli Island and the ancient stronghold of Bonifacio in Corsica.
The highlights of the tour will be: the ascension of the via ferrata “Ferrata degli Angeli” on Tavolara Island, the multi-pitch climbing in Capo Testa and the bouldering on the remote Lavezzi Island and on the beaches of Capineru and Roccapina.

San Pietro Island, Masua and Pan di Zucchero

San Pietro Island is a jewel in the beautiful Sardinia. Its town Carloforte has a very interesting history and it is well known for having invented the old fishing technique of La Tonnara to fish the best tuna fish in the Mediterranean. The coasts of the island are wild and far away from the crowds, great to get the authentic feel of sailing alone in the sea. The peculiarity of the island is a basaltic crag perfect to practice gear placement and learn how to trad climbing. Not so far away, the climbing area of Masua offers many sport climbing routes on excellent limestone, but the cherry on the cake will be the multi-pitch climbing of the famous sea stuck of Pan di Zucchero!

Selvaggio Blu by Boat

The “Selvaggio blu” (savage blu) is considered to be one of the toughest and most beautiful trekking in Europe. It is an incredible and unique 6 days hike fully immersed in the Sardina’s wilderness following the ancient paths of shepherds and coal men. The logistical support of the boat will allow the trekkers to hike light without having to carry with them all the supplies for a week (water should otherwise also be carried). The boat will sail along the coast to meet them every evening at a bay where trekkers will be able to restore and have a comfortable sleep. Some of the stages could be done by sailing if someone wishes a rest day.

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